Meet Asalia Nazario And Her 3 Childrens

Asalia Nazario is the proud mother of a renowned actress, Zoe Saldana. Throughout Zoe’s career, her mother, Asalia, has played a pivotal role in her success. However, there was an intriguing incident when she momentarily mistook her daughter for another actress.

Nazario’s daughter caused a stir among her fans during an interview with talk show host James Corden when she divulged an amusing incident involving her mother’s mix-up between her and actress Thandiwe Newton.

 Asalia Nazario
Asalia Nazario

During the interview, Nazario’s daughter shared that her mother had mistakenly believed she portrayed a character in the 2016 sci-fi series “Westworld,” when in fact, it was the talented Newton who brought the character Maeve Millay to life. This amusing case of mistaken identity added an entertaining twist to their family anecdotes.

It’s worth noting that Nazario, of Dominican heritage, became a U.S. citizen at a young age after relocating to the United States with her mother in 1961. Her cultural background and journey to citizenship undoubtedly contribute to the unique experiences that shape their family dynamics.

Asalia Spent a Lot of Time in New York

 Asalia Nazario
Asalia Nazario

When Nazario was ten years old, she and her mother made a life-changing move to the United States, settling in New York. This city became their home, and Nazario spent the majority of her formative years there. Throughout her upbringing, her famous daughter acknowledged that she was surrounded by a lineage of resilient, strong, and indomitable women.

The bond between Nazario’s daughters and their stepfather holds a special place in their lives. Often, he accompanies them to various events, serving as a pillar of support and fostering a sense of unity within the family.

Growing up in the vibrant neighborhood of Jackson Heights, Queens, alongside her siblings, Nazario’s daughter shared poignant insights into their upbringing. She revealed that her mother, driven by unwavering dedication, worked arduous hours as a hotel maid and courtroom translator to ensure their well-being and provide for them after the loss of their father.

Nazario’s commitment to her family’s welfare and her ability to navigate challenging circumstances have undoubtedly shaped the strong and resilient individuals her daughters have become.

Asalia Nazario daughter expressed profound gratitude towards her mother, acknowledging the immeasurable sacrifices she made to provide a good life for her and her siblings. The daughter, actively engaged on social media platforms, revealed that Nazario also maintains an Instagram account, albeit with only a few posts. At present, she has garnered a following of 2,339 individuals, an audience appreciative of her presence and the glimpses into her life that she shares.

Asalia Nazario Childrens

 Asalia Nazario
Asalia Nazario

Zoe Saldana’s mother, Asalia Nazario, is blessed with three daughters who shared a strong bond while growing up. The family upheld cherished traditions, such as watching movies together, including the iconic 1968 sci-fi/adventure film “2001: A Space Odyssey” and the beloved 1966 adventure series “Star Trek: The Original Series.” These shared cinematic experiences may have played a role in inspiring Nazario’s daughter’s interest in pursuing acting. It’s quite coincidental that she eventually landed a prominent role in the 2009 sci-fi/action film “Star Trek,” starring alongside talented actors Chris Pine and Karl Urban.

Asalia Nazario parenting has been exemplary, evident in the close-knit relationship her daughters share. This is beautifully reflected in the heartfelt praise her famous daughter publicly expressed on Instagram in 2019. In a touching tribute, she honored Nazario as the best parent, acknowledging her love, guidance, and nurturing support provided not only to her but also to her sisters, Cisely and Mariel Saldana. The bond within their family is truly special and worthy of celebration.

The Father of Asalia Nazario Children Died

Asalia Nazario endured a tremendous loss during a difficult period in her life when her children were still young. Tragically, her husband passed away in a car accident, leaving her to face the daunting challenge of providing for their family on her own. Since her husband had been the primary breadwinner, Nazario had to make the heart-wrenching decision to send her children back to the Dominican Republic to live with her late husband’s family.

With unwavering determination,Asalia Nazario remained in New York, tirelessly working to make ends meet and secure enough funds to afford her daughters’ education in private schools. Despite the profound grief and the physical distance, her children carried cherished memories of their father and held his legacy close to their hearts.


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Through her resilience and unwavering dedication, Nazario worked tirelessly to create a better future for her daughters, honoring her late husband’s memory in the process. Her strength and sacrifices serve as a testament to her love and commitment as a mother.

After experiencing the loss of her husband, Nazario found love once again. She entered into a remarriage with a man named Dagoberto Galan, who became a cherished stepfather to her daughters. The bond between Nazario’s daughters and their stepfather is profound, and he often joins them as a supportive presence during various events and occasions.

Galan himself maintains an active presence on Instagram, where he shares glimpses into his family, lifestyle, and professional endeavors. With a significant number of followers, his posts offer insights into their lives, fostering a connection with his audience. At the time of writing, Galan has shared an impressive 2,648 posts on the platform.

The presence of a loving stepfather in their lives and Galan’s active involvement in sharing moments on social media further highlights the strength and unity within their blended family.


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