“Billions Season 7”: Final Season Trailer Shows Damian Lewis

The Return of Damian Lewis in Billions

Fans of the hit Showtime finance drama, Billions Season 7 , are in for a treat. Damian Lewis, who portrays hedge fund billionaire Bobby “Axe” Axelrod, declares his triumphant return in the trailer for the series’ seventh and final season.

Brief Synopsis of Billions Season Seven

billions season 7 damian lewis

Set to premiere on Friday, Aug. 11, season seven promises a roller-coaster of emotions. According to Showtime, “alliances are turned on their head … old wounds are weaponized … loyalties are tested … betrayal takes on epic proportions … enemies become wary friends.” This upcoming season brings more than just financial drama – it presents a thrilling narrative of shifting loyalties and escalating tension.

Damian Lewis’ Departure and Return to Billions

Damian Lewis’ Initial Exit from the Show

After the fifth season, Damian Lewis stepped away from Billions, leaving a significant void in the series. His departure was attributed to his character, Axelrod, fleeing from legal troubles. With Lewis’s exit, co-star Corey Stoll was promoted to series regular, and his character assumed control of Axe’s company.

Billions Season 7 : The Return of Bobby “Axe” Axelrod

damian lewis
Damian lewis

Despite his previous exit, Lewis is back for the final season of Billions Season 7. The celebrated actor is slated to appear in six of the season’s 12 episodes, marking the grand return of the fan-favorite character, Axelrod.

Reason Behind Lewis’ Initial Departure

The Actor’s Personal Insights

Damian Lewis candidly shared that his initial decision to leave the show was due to creative exhaustion. In an interview with The New York Times, he mentioned, “It’s difficult to keep mining, creatively … We know who he is.” Lewis added that he was a bit weary of the role and that his original five-season contract seemed sufficient. He clarified that the passing of his wife, actress Helen McCrory, in 2021, did not influence his decision. However, he did express his desire to spend more time at home in London following “a sadness in our family.”

Showtime’s Investment in Billions’ Future

billions season 7 damian lewis

In the face of the series’ final Billions Season 7, Showtime has announced significant investment plans for the Billions franchise. The network is developing as many as four spin-off series, potentially titled Millions and Trillions, under the stewardship of executive producers Brian Koppelman and David Levien.

Upcoming Billions Spin-offs

These spin-offs will allow the network to further explore the high-stakes world of finance, promising to extend the captivating narrative of Billions into new territories.

Billions as Showtime’s Longest-Running Series

The hefty investment in the Billions franchise solidifies the show’s standing as Showtime’s longest-running scripted original series.

The Ensemble Cast of Billions Season 7

billions season 7 damian lewis
Cast of Billions Season Seven

Apart from Lewis, the final season of Billions will feature an ensemble cast. The roster includes Paul Giamatti, Corey Stoll, Maggie Siff, David Costabile, Asia Kate Dillon, Dola Rashad, Jeffrey DeMunn, Sakina Jaffrey, Daniel Breaker, and Toney Goins.

Billions Final Season Trailer 


The seventh and final season of Billions marks a new era for the series, welcoming back Damian Lewis while promising intense narrative twists. As Showtime invests in the future of the Billions universe, fans can look forward to more gripping stories revolving around the dramatic world of finance.


1. Who is returning to Billions for its final season?

Damian Lewis, who portrays Bobby “Axe” Axelrod, is returning for the seventh and final season of Billions.

2. When is the seventh season of Billions premiering?

The seventh season of Billions is set to premiere on Friday, Aug. 11.

3. How many episodes will Damian Lewis appear in the final season?

Damian Lewis is slated to appear in six of the twelve episodes in the final season.

4. Why did Damian Lewis initially leave the show?

Lewis left the show after his five-season contract ended. He felt creatively exhausted and wanted to spend more time at home in London.

5. Are there any plans for spin-offs of Billions?

Yes, Showtime has announced plans to develop up to four spin-off series from Billions.

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