Blueface’s Brother: Exploring His family, Parents, and Family Names

Blueface’s Brother: Discover interesting details about Blueface’s brother, Andre Harvey, and gain insights into their bond and journey.Blueface, the popular rapExplore the life of Blueface, the popular rapper, and learn about his family dynamics.per known for his unique rapping style and catchy songs, has gained significant fame in the music industry.

 Who is Blueface

Blueface, originally known as Johnathan Jamall Porter, is a renowned rapper whose distinctive rapping style and high-pitched voice have captivated audiences worldwide. He gained prominence with his viral song “Respect My Cryppin” and further solidified his success with hits like “Thotiana.” With millions of views on YouTube and a strong presence on social media platforms, Blueface has become a prominent figure in the music industry.

 Blueface’s Rise to Fame

Blueface’s journey to stardom began when his song “Respect My Cryppin” went viral. This breakthrough moment propelled him into the limelight and opened doors to collaborations with renowned artists like Snoop Dogg. His song “Thotiana” became a massive hit, accumulating over 250 million views on YouTube and even charting on the Billboard Top 100.

Blueface brother’s family 

Blueface's Brother:family
Blueface’s Brother:family
Father Mother Siblings Children
Jonathan M. Porter Sr. Karlissa Saffold Blueface (Younger brother) A daughter
Johence Miller (Younger sister)

Blueface comes from a close and supportive family. Let’s delve into the members of his immediate family and learn more about them.

Blueface’s Parents: Johnathan Porter Sr. and Karlissa Saffold

Blueface's mother
Blueface’s Brother: Blueface’s mother

Blueface’s father is Johnathan Porter Sr., and his mother is Karlissa Saffold. Although they separated when Blueface was young, he maintains a good relationship with his father. Blueface has even shared heartwarming moments with his father on social media, expressing their bond and spending quality time together.

Karlissa Saffold, Blueface’s mother, raised her three children as a single mother. She is an active presence on social media and has gained notable followers. Karlissa has also appeared in interviews and talk shows, embracing her role as a celebrity mother.

Blueface’s Brother: Andre Harvey

Blueface's Brother
Blueface’s Brother

Blueface has an older brother named Andre Harvey, born on April 17, 1991. Andre’s life took a different path as he faced legal troubles and was imprisoned at the age of 15 for aiding and abetting manslaughter. After serving 13 years in prison, he was released on September 12, 2019, at the age of 28. Since then, Andre has reintegrated into society and is now happily married.

Andre Harvey has also appeared in the reality series “Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy in Love” on Zeus Network, showcasing his life alongside Blueface and their mother.

What is Blueface’s brother on the news?

The Crazy in Love show has attracted a dedicated fan base that includes supporters of Rapper Blueface and Chrisean. Excitement has been building as a recent promo revealed that Blueface’s family, including his brother Andre L Harvey, will be making an appearance on the show. However, it has been disclosed by Blueface and Andre’s mother, Karlissa Saffold, that there are some challenges within Blueface’s family relationships.

What happened between Blueface and his brother?

In the upcoming 5th episode of the Crazy In Love reality show, viewers will witness the appearance of Blueface’s mother and brother. However, tensions and difficulties have arisen within their relationship, as glimpsed in the 4th episode. It has been revealed that a major confrontation between Blueface and his brother will take place, and this intense fight will be broadcasted in the 5th episode of Crazy In Love. Stay tuned for the dramatic developments between the two brothers on the show.

Blueface’s Sister: Kali Miller

Blueface’s younger sister, Kali Miller, is also part of the family spotlight. She gained attention through her appearances on the reality series “Crazy in Love,” which featured Blueface, Andre Harvey, and their mother. Kali Miller maintains an active presence on social media, and her interactions with Blueface’s girlfriend, Chrisean Rock, have garnered significant attention.

Blueface’s Girlfriend: Chrisean Rock

Blueface's Brother:Blueface's Girlfriend
Blueface’s Brother: Blueface’s Girlfriend

Blueface has had an on-and-off relationship with his girlfriend, Chrisean Rock. Chrisean, a social media influencer, reality show star, and musical artist, gained prominence after appearing on Blueface’s show, “Blue Girls Club.” Their relationship has been marked by public disagreements, which often surface on social media. Despite their personal challenges, Blueface and Chrisean have found ways to reconcile and continue their relationship.

Is Blueface’s brother Married?

Andre Harvey, Blueface’s brother, is married to Katie Harvey. The couple got married on January 6, 2018, and they have a daughter together.

What is Blueface’s brother’s Nationality?

Nationality Religion Ethnicity
American Not known Not available

Blueface’s brother’s career & more!

Career Early Life Education
Runs a mobile detailing business Andre was arrested at the age of 15 for aiding manslaughter but was later exonerated after 18 years Not known


Blueface’s rise to fame in the music industry has brought attention not only to his music but also to his personal life and family. With supportive parents, siblings, and children, Blueface remains grounded amidst his success. The love and bond he shares with his family are evident in their public appearances and social media interactions.

FAQs About Blueface’s Brother

Q1: How did Blueface gain popularity in the music industry?

Blueface gained popularity through his viral song “Respect My Cryppin” and subsequent hits like “Thotiana.” His unique rapping style and catchy songs attracted a large audience and led to collaborations with renowned artists.

Q2: Who are Blueface’s brother/siblings?

Blueface has an older brother named Andre Harvey and a younger sister named Kali Miller.

Q3: What is Blueface’s relationship with his father?

Blueface maintains a good relationship with his father, Johnathan Porter Sr., as seen through their shared moments on social media.

Q4: Who is Blueface’s girlfriend?

Blueface’s girlfriend is Chrisean Rock, a social media influencer, reality show star, and musical artist.

Q5: How many children does Blueface have?

Blueface has two children: Javaughn J. Porter, his eldest son, and Journey Alexis Porter, his youngest daughter.


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