Doughty-Stevens Funeral Home: Honoring Lives, Providing Comfort

Doughty-Stevens Funeral Home, nestled in the heart of Greeneville, Tennessee, stands as a testament to time’s passage, a family-owned haven serving the community for well over a century. This venerable establishment, a beacon of solace and reflection, extends its embrace to those seeking an honorable departure from this mortal coil.

As our calendar flips to August 8, 2023, the digital scroll reveals a solemn procession of names, each etched with ink of fate upon the virtual pages of remembrance:

Doughty-Stevens Funeral Home

Rachel Hoard Ashley, her journey met its dusk on August 5, 2023, Pansy Ison Barrett, August 5, 2023, witnessed her silent departure, Jason Allen Wilburn, August 2, 2023, marked the closing chapter, Ikey Brubeck, August 2, 2023, whispered his final farewell, Viola Adams, July 30, 2023, her earthly tale drew to a close, Danny Ray Samples, July 30, 2023, his narrative met its curtain fall, Joan B. Starnes, July 26, 2023, her saga found its last verse, Wiley H. Morgan, July 24, 2023, his mortal symphony reached its coda, Patricia Parrott Moehle.

Doughty-Stevens Funeral Home
Doughty-Stevens Funeral Home

July 20, 2023, her story reached its epilogue, Rev. Jerry R. Holt, July 20, 2023, his earthly congregation now gathers in memory, Helen Marie Gass Malone, July 17, 2023, her legacy dances in the wind, Peggy D. Harrison, July 15, 2023, her earthly voyage set sail.

Honoring the Departed:

Floral tributes, whispers of nature’s beauty, grace the solemn proceedings, a gesture of comfort and sympathy in times of loss. Gifts, tokens of affection, offer solace and support, a bridge between the realms of the living and the departed.

Doughty-Stevens Funeral Home
Doughty-Stevens Funeral Home

Within these hallowed digital halls, Doughty-Stevens Funeral Home, an enterprise woven into Greeneville’s tapestry, extends its compassionate arms. A tapestry woven with threads of tradition and innovation, offering not just the customary dirges but a panoply of elegies. Here, whispers of finality collide with echoes of eternity.

Traditional burials, a final reunion with ancestral soil, Cremations, a metamorphosis from flesh to ashes, Memorial services, a mosaic of cherished memories, Floral tributes and tokens, nature’s benediction upon grief’s altar.

In the heart of Greeneville, Tennessee, a venerable establishment known as Doughty-Stevens Funeral Home has stood as a sentinel of solace for more than a century. Family-owned and deeply woven into the fabric of the community, this haven of remembrance has guided generations through the delicate art of bidding farewell.

The winds of time have sculpted Doughty-Stevens Funeral Home into more than just an institution; it is a sanctuary where stories end and legacies begin. For over a century, it has been a silent custodian of community histories, a silent witness to countless farewells, and an eloquent narrator of human existence’s inevitable finale.

Behold, as the clock ticks and the seasons waltz, Doughty-Stevens Funeral Home stands as a sentinel, embracing both the finality of the present and the eternity of memory.


In the hushed halls of Doughty-Stevens Funeral Home, time and memory converge in a delicate dance. It is a haven where stories find their poignant climax, and where the legacy of each soul is etched into the tapestry of collective remembrance. For over a century, this establishment has stood as a sentinel of solace, guiding families through the labyrinth of farewells and helping them honor the lives that have passed.

As the digital scroll of obituaries continues to unfurl, we are reminded that Doughty-Stevens Funeral Home is not just a place of mourning, but a sanctuary where the echoes of history reverberate, and where the delicate balance between grief and celebration is tenderly held. Doughty-Stevens Funeral Home is more than just a business; it is a steward of stories, a witness to lives lived, and a guardian of the human experience

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