Dwarf Fortress How to Make Mugs

Dwarf Fortress How to Make Mugs: While it is technically feasible for dwarves in Dwarf Fortress to consume alcohol without mugs, it is strongly discouraged. The lack of drinking vessels can result in unhappy thoughts among dwarves, leading to potential problems down the line. Thankfully, crafting mugs in Dwarf Fortress is a relatively straightforward task, and this guide aims to assist players in mastering the process.

Dwarf Fortress How to Make Mugs

The simplest drinking vessels to create in Dwarf Fortress are rock mugs and wooden cups, as rocks and wood are easily accessible materials. Both of these items are crafted in a Craftdwarf’s Workshop. Players can follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Craftdwarf’s Workshop.
  2. Select “Add New Task” to open the task menu.
  3. Click on either “Rock” or “Wood” to open the associated menu where the vessels are listed.
  4. Choose the desired vessel, either a rock mug or a wooden cup.

For players who have assigned a manager in Dwarf Fortress, an alternative method is available:

  1. Access the Work Order menu.
  2. Create a new work order.
  3. Search for either “Rock Mug” or “Wooden Cup” in the search bar.
  4. Select the desired vessel from the results.

Following these steps, players can easily create rock mugs or wooden cups for their dwarves to use as drinking vessels.

Second Alernative Dwarf Fortress: How to Make Mugs

In Dwarf Fortress, players have the option to create metal or glass goblets for their dwarves. However, the process involved is more intricate compared to the previous methods described. Here’s a breakdown of the steps for each type of goblet:

Dwarf Fortress How to Make Mugs
Dwarf Fortress How to Make Mugs

Metal Goblets:

  1. Use a Furnace to create charcoal, which will serve as fuel for the smelting process.
  2. Utilize a Smelter to smelt metal ores into bars. Ensure you have an adequate supply of metal ores.
  3. Set up a Metalsmith’s Forge, where the bars can be crafted into metal goblets, serving as the desired drinking vessels.

Glass Goblets:

  1. Establish a Glass Furnace to collect sand, a crucial ingredient for creating glass objects.
  2. Utilize the Glass Furnace and the available fuel to transform the sand into glass cups, which will serve as the goblets for drinking.

Creating metal or glass goblets in Dwarf Fortress requires a more complex production chain involving specific workshops and obtaining the necessary materials. By following these steps, players can provide their dwarves with metal or glass goblets to enhance their drinking experience.

Irrespective of the specific drinking vessels created, it is important for players to add them to their taverns in Dwarf Fortress once they are ready. This can be accomplished by placing a coffer inside the tavern, as the dwarves will automatically fill it with mugs. To adjust the number of goblets stored in the tavern’s chest, players can follow these steps:

  1. Open the zone menu.
  2. Click on the tavern zone.
  3. Locate the icon with a magnifying glass that appears below the tavern’s name and click on it.
  4. Adjust the quantity of goblets desired by clicking the “+” or “-” buttons next to the “Goblets (Desired)” option.

By following these instructions, players can ensure that their dwarves have an adequate supply of drinking vessels in the tavern, enhancing their overall drinking experience.

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