Isiah Gregg Shot : Harambe Gorilla Death

Isiah Gregg Shot : In a tragic incident at the Cincinnati Zoo, a child fell into a gorilla enclosure, resulting in the death of Harambe, a 17-year-old silverback gorilla. The three-year-old boy, Isiah Gregg, has now been seen for the first time after the incident.

About Isiah Gregg Shot Accident

He appeared like any normal three-year-old, holding a toy truck and wearing an orange Nintendo Super Mario T-shirt with the words “I Make Awesome Happen.” Visible on his forehead and elbow were the scars of the scratches he sustained during the ordeal. Isiah’s parents, Michelle Gregg, 32, and Deonne Dickerson, 36, have been living with friends, facing controversy and public scrutiny following the accident that occurred on Saturday.

Earlier this week, the police revealed their intention to investigate Ms. Gregg to ascertain whether parental negligence played a role in Isiah’s 15ft fall into a ditch near the Harambe enclosure fence.

Isiah Gregg Shot
Isiah Gregg Shot

Officers conducted a 90-minute questioning session with Ms. Gregg to understand how Isiah managed to escape her supervision and breach the three-foot-high metal and barbed wire fence, as well as the four-foot-high bushes behind it. Following interviews, the police did not recommend filing criminal charges in the case. In response to the incident, the zoo has announced plans to raise the fence height by half a foot.

Isaiah’s parents have chosen not to address the public regarding the ordeal. Their only form of communication has been a statement posted by Ms. Gregg on Facebook the day after the accident, as well as a subsequent statement issued by their public relations team. Unfortunately, the family has faced death threats from individuals worldwide due to the shooting of the gorilla.

Isiah Gregg Shot
Isiah Gregg Shot

In a recent interview with Daily Mail Online, Isiah’s grandmother, Valerie Dickerson, age 55, shared her thoughts on the incident. Speaking outside her home in Cleveland, she provides a closer look at the family at the center of a story that has garnered both criticism and support. According to Dickerson, who maintains regular contact with her son Deonne and his family, she disagrees with the zoo’s decision to shoot Harambe.

Expressing her sadness over the gorilla’s death, she stated, “For me, I still think they could have found another way, even though they said they couldn’t. But above all, I am grateful to God that my grandson is safe.” She assured that everyone in the family is doing fine, although she acknowledged that watching the video footage of the incident was shocking.

“It’s devastating to watch,” she expressed, emphasizing the emotional impact of witnessing the incident. Ms. Dixon further disclosed that her grandson will be receiving counseling to help him navigate through the aftermath of the public ordeal. She shared her perspective on moving forward, stating that they will seek guidance and maintain a positive mindset.

Although she disagreed with the zoo’s decision to shoot Harambe, Ms. Dixon clarified that she did not hold the zoo solely responsible for the incident. She mentioned, “I’ve never been to the zoo, so I don’t really want to place blame. It was simply a freak accident, and thankfully, it ended well.”

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