Magnolia And Kurin Lock Products for Patent Infringement

The first verdict confirmed that  U.S. Patent No.kurin v magnolia 10,039,483 by using their innovative technology without permission. The second verdict dismissed Kurin’s attempts to invalidate the claims and awarded significant damages for the sale of the infringing Kurin Lock product, including a 17.7% royalty.

kurin v magnolia

Greg Bullington, the CEO of Magnolia Medical, emphasized the company’s decade-long investment in pioneering and validating the clinical value of their technology. Protecting their valuable intellectual property portfolio and the substantial resources dedicated to scientific research and product innovation is crucial. These efforts aim to prevent the misdiagnosis of bloodstream infections, including sepsis, and ensure that all patients and hospitals can benefit from Kurin v Magnolia Medical’s exclusive evidence-based technology.

kurin vs bond

Magnolia Medical’s Steripath® is the only FDA 510(k)-cleared platform specifically indicated to reduce blood culture contamination. Additionally, their platform offers all-in-one devices that meet the CDC’s new guidelines for reducing blood culture contamination. Seeking a permanent injunction in the U.S. District Court for the District of Delaware, Magnolia Medical aims to halt Kurin from further patent infringement. The injunction would prohibit Kurin from manufacturing, using, selling, offering for sale, and/or importing the Kurin Lock product in the United States.

magnolia medical vs kurin

kurin v magnolia
magnolia medical vs kurin

Greg Bulling ton expressed satisfaction with the jury’s unanimous infringement verdict against Kurin. He believes that this enforcement action will finally put an end to Kurin’s unlawful business tactics and eliminate any market confusion. Bulling ton clarified that no agreement exists with Kurin that would allow them to continue selling the infringing Kurin Lock. Kurin-v-Magnolia Medical does not license its proprietary technology and has not entered into any licensing agreements with Kurin. The company remains committed to vigorously defending their substantial investments in clinical research, product development, market expansion, and their intellectual property portfolio.
The Steripath® platform is a revolutionary solution designed to combat the issue of blood culture contamination in healthcare settings.

About Steripath

Throughout these studies, Steripath consistently achieved contamination rates of 1% or less, showcasing its ability to significantly reduce the risk of contamination. The implementation of Steripath has also yielded remarkable outcomes, including a reduction of up to 31% in vancomycin days of therapy and a notable decrease, by as much as 12-fold, in false-positive central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSIs) over extended periods.

The success and efficacy of Steripath have led to its widespread adoption by numerous hospitals and healthcare systems across the United States. These institutions recognize the critical need to address blood culture contamination, as it can potentially result in the misdiagnosis of sepsis. Such misdiagnosis leads to unnecessary and prolonged antibiotic treatment, extended hospital stays, false-positive CLABSIs, and the wastage of valuable healthcare resources.

magnolia medical kurin

Magnolia Medical Technologies is a company dedicated to the development, manufacturing, and marketing of cutting-edge devices for blood and bodily fluid collection. These innovative devices aim to bring significant advancements in the accuracy, consistency, and predictability of crucial laboratory tests. A standout invention by Magnolia Medical is the Initial Specimen Diversion Technique® (ISDT®) and Initial Specimen Diversion Device® (ISDD®). These patented technologies revolutionize blood culture collection by preventing contamination.

With a robust intellectual property portfolio, Magnolia Medical holds over 100 issued patents for methods, apparatus, and design, with an additional 70 patent applications pending. This extensive portfolio demonstrates the company’s commitment to innovation and continuous improvement in the field of laboratory testing.

Kurin medical

kurin v magnolia
Kurin medical

One of the primary goals of Magnolia Medical’s devices is to reduce the frequency of blood culture contamination, especially in cases where contaminants are present. This advancement contributes to enhancing patient care and enables more accurate test results. The effectiveness of these devices aligns with guidelines provided by authoritative organizations such as the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), CLSI (Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute), and ENA (Emergency Nurses Association).

By implementing Magnolia Medical’s devices, healthcare professionals can significantly decrease the rates of blood culture contamination. This achievement not only improves the overall quality of laboratory testing but also contributes to infection control and antibiotic stewardship programs.


In the legal battle between Kurin and Magnolia Medical, Magnolia Medical emerged victorious with two jury verdicts in their favor. The first verdict confirmed that Kurin had infringed on Magnolia Medical’s patented innovative technology without permission. The second verdict rejected Kurin’s attempts to invalidate the asserted claims and awarded significant damages for the sale of the infringing Kurin Lock product.

Magnolia Medical, a company dedicated to developing innovative solutions for accurate laboratory testing, places great importance on protecting its intellectual property. Their patented Initial Specimen Diversion Technique® (ISDT®) and Initial Specimen Diversion Device® (ISDD®) have proven to be effective in reducing blood culture contamination rates, aligning with guidelines from reputable organizations.

FAQs About kurin v magnolia

What is the Initial Specimen Diversion Technique® (ISDT®) and Initial Specimen Diversion Device® (ISDD®) developed by kurin v magnolia Medical Technologies?

The ISDT® and ISDD® are innovative technologies invented and patented by kurin v magnolia Medical Technologies. They are designed to revolutionize blood culture collection by preventing contamination, leading to more accurate and reliable laboratory test results.

How does kurin v magnolia technology reduce blood culture contamination?

kurin v magnolia technology diverts the initial portion of the blood sample, which is more likely to contain contaminants, away from the collection bottle. This significantly reduces the risk of contamination, improving the accuracy and reliability of critical laboratory tests.

What is the significance of kurin v magnolia Medical’s intellectual property portfolio?

kurin v magnolia Medical has a substantial intellectual property portfolio, consisting of over 100 issued patents and numerous pending patent applications. This demonstrates the company’s dedication to innovation and continuous improvement in the field of laboratory testing.

How do kurin v magnolia  Medical’s devices align with guidelines from authoritative organizations?

kurin v magnolia Medical’s devices adhere to guidelines provided by reputable organizations such as the CDC, CLSI, and ENA. These guidelines aim to decrease blood culture contamination rates and improve patient care.

How can implementing kurin v magnolia Medical’s devices benefit healthcare settings?

Implementing kurin v magnolia Medical’s devices can lead to a significant reduction in blood culture contamination rates. This improvement contributes to more accurate test results, better infection control, and efficient antibiotic stewardship programs.

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