The Scoop Behind the Scenes: LA Knight’s Rising WWE Popularity Takes Center Stage

In the realm of WWE, where wrestlers often wear their success like championship belts, LA Knight has been setting his own trend as a merchandise maverick. However, it seems like there’s a bit of a behind-the-scenes rumble brewing over this merchandise magnate.

Ever since his grand entrance onto the main roster last year, LA Knight, also known as Max Dupri in his former life, has transformed into a beloved superstar in the WWE universe. He burst onto the scene as the head honcho of the Maximum Male Models clique, but like a superhero ditching a bad costume, he swiftly abandoned the group to embrace his iconic LA Knight persona.

LA Knight

Since his suave makeover, LA Knight has been stealing the spotlight on SmackDown, consistently earning the night’s loudest cheers. And if that weren’t enough, he even made a surprise appearance on RAW last week, kicking off a fiery feud with none other than The Miz. Oh, and let’s not forget his triumphant victory at the Slim Jim Battle Royal during SummerSlam – talk about icing on the cake!

LA Knight
LA Knight

However, here’s where the plot thickens – according to a freshly released report from Fightful Select, LA Knight isn’t just raking in the cheers; he’s raking in the dollars through his merchandise. In fact, his merchandise sales, particularly through digital third-party outlets, are climbing the charts alongside the likes of Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes. That’s no small feat, folks!

But hold your horses, because the story doesn’t end there. Fightful let us in on a little secret – the sales lists they peruse don’t really include the bustling merchandise scene at live events. You know, those moments when fans excitedly snatch up souvenirs like kids in a candy store. That’s where Reigns and Rhodes are known to flex their selling muscles and move merchandise by the cartload.

Now, here comes the twist in this tale. Apparently, a bit of backstage drama is brewing over LA Knight’s merchandise magic. A “point of contention,” they call it. You see, some insiders have been raising eyebrows over the lack of LA Knight merchandise available for purchase at specific live shows recently. It’s like someone’s pulled a disappearing act on his merch table, and fans might be wondering where the LA Knight goodies went.

LA Knight
LA Knight

So, there you have it – the intrigue, the hustle, and the backstage buzz surrounding LA Knight’s merchandise empire. Will this story unfold with LA Knight merchandise once again reigning supreme at live events, or will this saga keep us guessing? Only time will tell in the wild world of WWE.

When it comes to wrestling wisdom, few voices are as revered as that of Dutch Mantell. This legendary figure from the world of wrestling believes that LA Knight’s past struggles will be a distant memory if WWE keeps the momentum going.

LA , the rising superstar who’s been making waves despite not clinching the biggest victories, has managed to shine bright in the WWE Universe’s eyes. His star power has soared even without those marquee wins. But wait, there’s a twist in the tale – LA Knight’s journey wasn’t all sunshine and championships.

Former WWE manager Dutch Mantell on LA Knight’s popularity

The man of the hour, despite being in Los Angeles for WrestleMania 39, didn’t make the main event cut. He lost out in the Men’s MITB Ladder match and the United States Championship Invitational tournament. And to add a cherry on top, he wasn’t part of a headline rivalry leading up to WWE SummerSlam 2023. It’s like getting all dressed up for a party and then realizing you’re not on the guest list.

LA Knight
LA Knight

But guess what? Wrestling guru Dutch Mantell isn’t sweating it. According to him, WWE has a golden opportunity to give LA  the booking he deserves this time around. It’s like a second chance at making a grand entrance. And the best part? Mantell is pretty confident that casual fans will eventually forget about LA Knight’s past struggles.

It’s like when you eat a not-so-great meal at a restaurant, and then you go back later, and they’ve cooked up something amazing – suddenly, those past disappointments fade away.

In a recent chat on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Smack Talk, Mantell let us in on his insights. He believes that WWE has the canvas and the colors to paint a better picture for LA this time. And in the grand scheme of things, fans will remember the current LA  – the one who’s capturing their hearts and making an impact – rather than dwelling on what he was up to a year ago.

So, there you have it – a wrestling sage’s take on LA Knight’s journey. Will WWE seize this chance to put LA  in the spotlight and make him a real superstar? Only time will tell if this tale gets a happy ending, but one thing’s for sure – LA Knight’s story is far from over.

LA Knight’s rise to fame is like a roller coaster with twists, turns, and a promise of a thrilling ride ahead. With Dutch Mantell’s blessing, let’s see where this journey takes us – a journey of struggles, triumphs, and the ultimate pursuit of wrestling glory.


From the shadows of past setbacks to the blazing spotlight of WWE’s grand stage, LA Knight’s star is on the rise – and it’s a rise that’s not going unnoticed. Through a roller coaster of challenges and triumphs, LA Knight has managed to connect with the WWE Universe like a seasoned showman. With legendary Dutch Mantel weighing in on his potential, the stage is set for LA Knight to rewrite his narrative. As WWE prepares to script the next chapter of his career, there’s an undeniable buzz behind the curtains.

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