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Larry Bird wife of Dinah Mattingly, basketball great has made the decision to lead a quiet, low-key existence, putting her family and interests first. Born on November 16, 1954, in West Baden Springs, Indiana, Dinah Mattingly gained recognition as Larry Bird’s second wife. Bird, a former basketball superstar who currently works as a coach and executive in the National Basketball Association, has sparked public curiosity about Mattingly’s life. Despite her best efforts to remain private, the interest surrounding her has continued to grow.

Larry bird wife

larry bird wife
larry bird wife

Dinah Mattingly’s choice to lead a private life sets her apart from the more common presence of spouses of sports stars in events and media. She prefers to focus on her family, while her husband’s iconic status draws attention from the public. Mattingly’s dedication to charity work further demonstrates her commitment to making a positive impact in her own unpublicized way. While Mattingly’s career path remains undisclosed to the public, it has always taken a backseat compared to the renowned career of her husband, Larry Bird.

larry bird wife black

larry bird wife
larry bird wife

During his time at Indiana State University, Bird, a retired professional basketball player and coach, established himself by guiding the team to the NCAA Championship game in 1979. He was later selected in the 1978 NBA Draught by the Boston Celtics, who instantly recognised him as one of the league’s most imposing players. Throughout his career, Bird achieved remarkable success, including three consecutive NBA MVP awards from 1984 to 1986 and leading the Celtics to three NBA championships. He was also honored as the NBA Finals MVP in 1984 and 1986. After retiring from playing in 1992, Bird ventured into coaching and guided the Indiana Pacers to the NBA Finals in 2000.

who is larry bird’s wife

Larry Bird, however, Dinah Mattingly’s spouse, has amassed a sizeable net worth of over $75 million.His lucrative earnings came not only from his NBA playing career but also from brand partnerships. Additionally, his current roles as a coach and NBA executive have contributed to his already substantial wealth.larry Bird wife and Mattingly share a strong and enduring bond that has lasted for decades. However, before meeting Dinah, Bird was in a relationship with his high school sweetheart, Janet Condra, whom he married in 1975. Unfortunately, they split formally in 1976 after a brief one-year marriage.

Larry bird’s wife

larry bird wife
larry bird

Condra gave birth to their first child, Corrie, who was conceived during their marriage, on August 14, 1977, one year after they divorced. Later, while attending Indiana State University in the late 1970s, Bird met Mattingly. Despite being two years apart in age, they started dating. After years of dating, Bird and Dinah got engaged in the late 1980s. They tied the knot on Halloween night in 1989 in a modest ceremony held at the home of a mutual friend in Terre Haute, Indiana, with only seven people in attendance. The following year, they adopted their son, Conner.

Daughter Larry bird wife

In healing the chasm between Larry Bird wife and Corrie, his daughter from his first marriage, Dinah Mattingly was instrumental. Due to misunderstandings and a lack of emotional support, their relationship had weakened. Mattingly helped mend their strained relationship, including inviting Corrie to attend a basketball game where Bird was coaching. Thanks to Mattingly’s efforts, Corrie and her father eventually reconciled. As of now, Dinah Mattingly is 68 years old and will celebrate her 69th birthday in November 2023.


In conclusion, Larry Bird wife, Dinah Mattingly, has remained a supportive and private figure throughout Bird’s successful basketball career. While Bird made a name for himself as a legendary player, coach, and executive, Mattingly chose to stay out of the limelight, focusing on their family life and maintaining a low-profile presence. Together, they have built a strong bond rooted in their shared Indiana roots and their mutual dedication to basketball. Mattingly’s support and influence have played a significant role in bridging relationships within Bird’s family and contributing to their enduring unity.

FAQs: About Larry Bird wife

What is Larry Bird wife’s name?

Larry Bird wife’s name is Dinah Mattingly.

Does Dinah Mattingly have a public presence or career?

Dinah Mattingly has chosen to keep a private and low-profile life, with little information available about her public presence or career.

How long have Larry Bird and Dinah Mattingly been married?

Larry Bird and Dinah Mattingly got married on Halloween night in 1989. They have shared a long and enduring marriage.

Does Dinah Mattingly have any involvement with the Indiana Pacers?

While Dinah Mattingly’s level of involvement with the Indiana Pacers is not publicly known, Larry Bird’s deep ties to the team as a former player, coach, and executive suggest a strong connection to the organization.

Has Dinah Mattingly been involved in any philanthropic activities?

Dinah Mattingly has been known to engage in unpublicized charitable activities, focusing on making a positive impact in her own private way.

Does Dinah Mattingly have any children with Larry Bird?

Larry Bird wife and Dinah Mattingly have two adopted children named Mariah and Conner. Mariah is involved in the events management wing of the Indiana Pacers, while information about Conner’s current activities is not widely available.


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