Lauren Marie Tooley Arrested After Tinder Date

Lauren Marie Tooley Arrested After Tinder Date: A 22-year-old woman has been arrested in Colorado on charges of assaulting her Tinder date. According to reports, the woman, identified as Lauren Marie Tooley, allegedly tied up the victim after engaging in oral sex with him, followed by multiple stabbings and throttling.

About Lauren Marie Tooley Arrested After Tinder Date

Lauren Marie Tooley had met the victim only a few hours before the incident, inviting him to her apartment where the assault took place. After inflicting several slash wounds on the victim, Tooley reportedly ordered food from DoorDash, instructing the date to remain silent while she attended to the delivery.

Fortunately, the victim managed to escape and seek help when Tooley fell asleep, leaving a knife hidden under the bed covers. He was able to free himself using the knife, according to a report from the Centre Daily Times.

Faq About Lauren Marie Tooley Arrested After Tinder Date

Q:-What happened in the incident involving Lauren Marie Tooley?

Lauren Marie Lauren Marie Tooley allegedly held her Tinder date hostage, inflicted knife wounds on him, and threatened to kill him if he tried to seek help. The victim was reportedly tied up, cut with a knife, and choked using various means.

Q:-How did the incident unfold?

Tooley invited the victim to her apartment after meeting him through Tinder. They spent time on the couch before Tooley began to remove the victim’s clothes. She then proceeded to bind him with duct tape, attacked him with a knife, and applied pressure to his throat. She also used a belt to further restrict his breathing. The victim managed to escape when Tooley fell asleep, allowing him to cut himself free using a knife she had left under the covers.

Q:-Was the victim able to get help?

Yes, the victim called emergency services (911) and reported the incident. Police and an ambulance were dispatched to the scene.

Q:-What charges does Lauren Marie Tooley face?

Lauren Marie Tooley has been charged with kidnapping, assault, menacing, and false imprisonment.

Q:-What are the potential consequences if Tooley is found guilty?

If convicted, Tooley could face a prison sentence of up to 25 years.

Q:-When is Tooley’s arraignment scheduled?

Tooley is set to be arraigned on Thursday.

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