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Yellz0 BIO

Yellz0, also known as Aniela, is a captivating social media personality who hails from the state of Pennsylvania, United States. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, yellz brings her engaging content, infectious humor, and relatable approach to the digital world. With her vibrant personality and unique style, yellz has amassed a large following across various social media platforms.

Yellz0 showcases a remarkable ability to connect with her audience, creating a dedicated fan base that eagerly anticipates her next post. Her genuine and authentic presence has solidified her as a rising star in the realm of online entertainment, making yellz a prominent figure in the social media landscape.

Yellz0 Education qualiffication


  Name: yellz0
  Birth Name: Aniela
  Date of Birth: November 5, 2000
  Age: 22 years old
  Place of Birth: Pennsylvania
  Zodiac: Scorpio
  Nationality: American
  Ethnicity: Caucasian
  Profession: Social Media Star
  Education: Alvernia University Bernardine St. pennsylvania
  Height: 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 m)
  Relationship: In a relationship with Dunavan Leyden
  Net Worth: $ 1 Million
  Notable Platform: TikTok
  TikTok Username: @yellz1
  TikTok Followers: 1.1M
  TikTok Likes: 20M
  Instagram: @yellz0
  Instagram Followers: 449k
  Twitter: @yellz0
  Twitter Followers: 37.4k
  YouTube: yellz0 (Joined on January 30, 2023)
  YouTube Subscribers: 3.9k
  High School: Participated in softball
  Pets: Adopted a Dog


Social Media Presence

Yellz has established a strong presence across various social media platforms, where she captivates her audience with her engaging content and vibrant personality. With her unique style and relatable approach, yellz has garnered a significant following and built a loyal fan base.

One of yellz0’s notable platforms is TikTok, where she shares her creative videos and showcases her talents. Her TikTok account serves as a hub for her entertaining and humorous content, allowing her to connect with millions of viewers who enjoy her relatable skits, lip-syncs, and engaging challenges.

On Instagram, yellz provides glimpses into her life, sharing photos and moments with her followers. Her Instagram feed reflects her vibrant personality and fashion sense, offering a visual storytelling experience that resonates with her audience.

Twitter serves as another avenue for yellz to express her thoughts, share insights, and connect with her followers. Her tweets often exhibit her wit, humor, and relatability, fostering engagement and conversations within the Twitter community.

Furthermore, yellz has ventured into the world of YouTube, where she shares longer-form content, such as vlogs, challenges, and behind-the-scenes glimpses of her life. Her YouTube channel allows her fans to further connect with her and gain a deeper understanding of her personality.

Across these platforms, yellz0 has cultivated a strong online presence, captivating her audience with her entertaining content and engaging storytelling. Her ability to connect with her followers on multiple platforms showcases her versatility as a social media influencer and her dedication to providing entertaining and relatable content to her growing fan base.

Social Media Accounts and Stats

  • TikTok: @yellz1 – 1.1M Followers, 20M Likes
  • Instagram: @yellz0 – 449k Followers, 81 Posts
  • Twitter: @yellz0 – 37.4k Followers, 42 Posts

Latest Viral Tweets

Viral tweets have played a significant role in the online journey of yellz0, capturing the attention of a wide audience and propelling her social media presence to new heights. These tweets, characterized by their engaging content and relatability, have resonated with users and garnered significant attention, showcasing yellz0’s ability to captivate and connect with her audience effectively.

“Couldn’t decide on a hair color so I chose both”

Views: 49.4k

Likes: 1.9k

Retweets: 61

This tweet revolves around the relatable experience of having difficulty choosing a hair color. The humorous caption highlights yellz0’s wit and resonates with individuals who have faced similar dilemmas. The tweet’s popularity, with 49.4k views, 1.9k likes, and 61 retweets, indicates the widespread appeal of yellz relatable content.

“She has hairs”

Views: 130.5k

Likes: 2.6k

Retweets: 105

In this tweet, yellz presents a lighthearted observation about someone having hairs, which may seem obvious but serves as a playful and relatable comment. The tweet’s popularity, with 130.5k views, 2.6k likes, and 105 retweets, showcases yellz’s ability to capture attention with simple yet humorous observations.

“I like treadmills”

Views: 123.4k

Likes: 1.6k

Retweets: 62

This tweet captures yellz preference for treadmills, reflecting her personal interests. The relatability of this tweet lies in its simplicity, as many individuals can identify with having a preferred form of exercise. The tweet’s popularity, with 123.4k views, 1.6k likes, and 62 retweets, demonstrates the widespread appeal of yellz content.

“Cold Coffee By Coca-Cola”

Views: 109.2k

Likes: 196

Retweets: 3

This tweet revolves around yellz expressing her sadness about the discontinuation of Coca-Cola coffee, a drink she enjoyed. The relatability stems from the shared experience of missing a beloved product. Although this tweet received a relatively lower number of likes and retweets, with 109.2k views, 196 likes, and 3 retweets, it still showcases yellz ability to evoke a response from her audience.

“Thoughts on this hat”

Views: 147k

Likes: 2.2k

Retweets: 50

In this tweet, yellz seeks opinions on a hat, encouraging her followers to engage in a conversation about fashion choices. The tweet’s popularity, with 147k views, 2.2k likes, and 50 retweets, reflects the engagement and interest of yellz0’s audience in expressing their thoughts on fashion.


yellz0 is quite private about her family life, and not much information is publicly available about her immediate family members. She has chosen to keep her familial background out of the spotlight and has not shared details about her parents or siblings, if any. This privacy allows yellz to maintain a level of personal separation between her online presence and her family life.

However, yellz0 has expressed gratitude for the love and support she received from her parents during her childhood. Their support has played a significant role in shaping yellz’s journey and providing her with the necessary foundation to pursue her goals and ambitions. Although specific details about her upbringing and family dynamics remain undisclosed, it is evident that yellz holds a deep appreciation for her family’s role in her life.

Additionally, yellz has mentioned the passing of her mother and grandmother on her Instagram account. In a heartfelt post, she shared that her mother and grandmother shared the same birthday, March 25th, but in different years. She expressed her love for them and the impact their loss had on her during her college years. This glimpse into yellz’s personal life showcases the significance of her family relationships and the profound effect they have had on her.

While yellz chooses to keep her family life private, her focus remains on connecting with her fans through her entertaining and relatable content. By keeping this aspect of her life separate, yellz0 is able to maintain a level of privacy and concentrate on sharing her creativity and engaging with her growing fan base.

Career and Net Worth

While precise figures regarding yellz0’s net worth are not publicly disclosed, it is reported that her success as a social media star has contributed to her financial prosperity. Various sources estimate her net worth to be around 1 million dollars.


Through her engaging content and growing popularity on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, yellz has been able to attract a significant following and explore various opportunities for brand partnerships, sponsorships, and other revenue streams. As she continues to expand her career and captivate audiences, her net worth may further increase, showcasing the success she has achieved in the digital landscape.

Height and Measurements

Yellz0 Height and Weight

yellz0 stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (1.68 meters). Her body measurements are reported to be 36-27-38, representing her bust, waist, and hip measurements respectively. These measurements reflect yellz0’s proportionate and well-balanced physique, contributing to her overall appearance and style.


Yellz has occasionally been involved in controversies due to her bold figure, which has drawn both positive and negative attention from her audience. As a result of these controversies, her TikTok account faced restrictions and ultimately got banned. However, yellz did not let this setback deter her from continuing her online presence.


Determined to connect with her fans and showcase her content, she created a new TikTok account to rebuild her following and continue sharing her engaging videos and vibrant personality. Despite the challenges she faced, yellz’s resilience and commitment to her online career allowed her to overcome obstacles and continue entertaining her audience on her new account.


yellz0 is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend, Dunavan Leyden. Although specific details about their relationship are not publicly disclosed, yellz has shared glimpses of their bond through posts on her social media accounts. Dunavan has made multiple appearances on yellz0’s Instagram, and their images together reflect a happy and compatible couple.

Yellz0 Boyfriend

The love and joy they exude in their photos indicate a strong connection between yellz and Dunavan, further solidifying their relationship status. While yellz chooses to keep certain aspects of her personal life private, her fans and followers appreciate the glimpses she shares of her romantic journey with Dunavan.

High School Softball and Pet Lover

In addition to her successful social media career, yellz has also showcased her talents and interests beyond the digital realm. During her high school years, she actively participated in softball, displaying her athletic abilities and dedication to the sport.

Furthermore, yellz is known to be a pet lover. Recently, she adopted a dog with a striking appearance and named it Marilyn. The dog is predominantly white with distinct black marks, creating a unique and eye-catching coat pattern. yellz0’s love for animals is evident through her decision to welcome this furry companion into her life, providing a loving and caring environment for her new four-legged friend.

Yellz0 With Her Pet Dog

By embracing her passion for softball and demonstrating her affection for animals, yellz showcases her diverse interests and reveals different facets of her personality beyond her online persona. Her commitment to sports and her love for pets further endear her to her fans, who appreciate yellz’s multifaceted nature and the genuine connection she establishes with her audience.

As yellz continues to create captivating content and entertain her ever-growing audience, she remains a beloved social media star. With her unique personality, relatable posts, and vibrant presence, yellz is set to achieve even greater success in the digital world.


Q: What is yellz0’s real name?

A: Yellz0’s real name is Aniela.

Q: How old is yellz0?

A: Yellz0 is currently 22 years old. Her D.O.B is 05 Sep 2000.

Q: Where is yellz0 from?

A: Yellz0 is from Pennsylvania, United States.

Q: Does yellz0 have any pets?

A: Yes, yellz0 is a pet lover and recently adopted a dog with a distinctive white coat and black marks.

Q: What platforms can I find yellz0 on?

A: Yellz0 is active on various social media platforms, including TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. You can follow her on these platforms to stay updated with her content.

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